Treat your feet with health aids

Keep your feet happy with a variety of products designed to enhance your health. When you want to protect your toenails or improve your skin, pick up medications and supplements that make it easier. John M. Galant, DPM, also carries shoes for diabetic care and ankle braces for active clients.

Options for your foot care

Not every foot issue or ailment needs aggressive medical intervention. Talk with Dr. Galant about using simple, non-invasive products that can get you on the road to recovery without prescriptions or surgery. The doctor has been in practice since 1993.

Find what works for you

  • Topical fungal products for nails and skin
  • Cream for dry, cracked skin
  • Neuropathy supplements
  • Supportive inserts
  • Shoe padding

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (201) 568-2100.